Reecom Alert Radio with Effective Time Auto Count Down Function (unique feature)

When SAME alerts are issued by NOAA, it usually comes with the expiration time of the alert message (maybe the same as the valid time period of the hazard). The maximum message expiration time allowed is 6 hours after the alert. The alert message expiration time varies from 15 minutes to 6 hours such as 0:15, 0:30, 0:45, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30 and 6:00. 

Upon receipt of SAME alert, the Reecom Alert Radio displays not only the alert message, but also the expiration time on the same screen of the LCD panel with: Effective Time 6:00 for instance. Then, the alert radio will immediately execute auto count down function in real time. The LCD panel will certainly display 5:59 the next minute, then 5:58 and continues on,  minute by minute down to 0:01 (says 1 minute left). Finally, the LCD will display 'Effective Time OFF' when the event is expired and viewed in the Event Memory. Similarly, if the event expiration time received is 2:30, the Effective Time will be auto count down starting from 2:30 and completed the whole process in 2 hours 30 minutes.

When the alert radio receives multiple alerts, all individual event messages (up to 25 events) are tagged with the Effective Time and auto count down simultaneously and respectively. 

About the expiration time and the valid time period, below is quoted from NOAA site: 

"NOTES about expiration time in SAME vs. valid time period in voice message: For short-fuse hazards, such as a tornado warning, the valid time period is from the broadcast time of the alert until the SAME message expiration time. For longer-fuse hazards, such as a winter storm warning, the beginning of the valid time period may not be the same as the alerting broadcast time and the end of the valid time period may not be the same as the SAME message expiration time. In such cases, updated messages are broadcast on or before the SAME message expiration time to provide fresh information. Updated messages will be alerted only for new warning information."

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